i-Drive Autonomous System
i-Drive Autonomous System

The system is equipped with lidar, millimeter-wave radar and fusion positioning, which enables the mining truck to have the ability of high-precision perception, high-precision positioning and high-reliability decision-making. The mining truck can realize functions such as autonomous driving, autonomous obstacle avoidance, optimal route planning, and automatic loading and unloading without manual intervention, meeting the transportation needs of open-pit mines.

  • High Precision Positioning

  • Flexible Control Technique

  • Environmental Perception

  • Autonomous Obstacle-avoiding

  • Path Planning

  • Install a "security guard" for the autonomous vehicles, responsible for network protection, program self-checking, OTA, logging, and alarm reporting.
  • Algorithm optimization: supports rapid manual configuration of system parameters in different environments, and has built-in deep learning algorithms.
  • Support three modes at the same time: manual driving, remote control
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