V2X System
V2X System

The system includes V2N system, V2I system, and V2E system, which can effectively control between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, and vehicles and shovels.

V2X System
  • V2N System

    Through the information sharing between trucks and shovels, the control of the operation system is realized. The autonomous driving mining truck equipped with intelligent algorithm can independently find the position of the excavator during the loading process and accept the loading.

  • V2I System

    By installing road information sensing terminals on both sides of the road to monitor the operation of people, trucks and roads, so as to realize the vehicle command, detection and real-time alarm of illegal vehicles.

  • V2E System

    By installing a remote intelligent terminal, combining the positioning system, on-board recording and remote data service, the mining truck location, fuel consumption, mileage, and fault status can be monitored in real time.

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