Boonray Cloud
Central Platform Architecture

Equipment (Custom)

  • Mining truck

  • Excavator

  • UAV

  • Hangar

  • Drill


IOT Component

Life Cycle Real-time Data Application Upgrade Task Distribution Alarm Mechanism Remote Control Data Classification Data encryption
Safety Certification & Authority Certification

AI Algorithm (Customized)

Equipment Control & Scheduling
Data Processing
Industry Analysis

Iot Components

  • Life Cycle
  • Real-time Data
  • Real-time Data
  • Application upgrade
  • Task distribution
  • Task distribution

Task Module

  • Task Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Authority Management
  • Task Module Management
  • Big Data Center
  • Bill Management
Connectable IoT Devices
  • Mining Truck

  • Indoor Robots

  • Drones

  • Unmanned Ships

  • Underwater Robots

  • Air Detectors

  • Excavators

  • Safety Helmets

  • Cockpits

  • Cameras

  • Security Inspection Robots

  • Sanitation Robots

  • Core Function
    • Equipment Management

      Equipment Monitoring Equipment Control
    • Project Management

      Based on the combination of equipment, personnel, resources and permissions
    • Daily Tasks

      Real-time Tasks Tasks Planning Interactive Tasks
    • Data Management

      Equipment History Task History Business Operation History
    • Member Management

      Members Authority Distribution and Daily Management
    • Upper Application Customization

      Defining Terminal System in combination with Customer Business
    Our Advantage

    0 Cost Materialization

  • 1 hour quick access to equipment
  • Containerized rapid deployment
  • Internet of Things devices available online are ready to use
  • Customers no longer need to do any development
  • Quickly upgrade to IoT technology solutions
  • 100% Personalized Customization

  • 21 days fast customization
  • Exclusive model customization service
  • Exclusive industry business logic customization
  • Various third-party system docking
  • Client style exclusive customization
  • Big data center display interface customization
  • Various algorithms can be freely selected and combined
  • System Service Support

    • 7x24 hour technical support

    • 2-week version iteration

    • Provide offline training guidance regularly

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